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How it all got started

A group of young individuals from Buchs told themselves: Let’s walk the talk!

In 1991, we drove to Romania in three VW buses for the very first time. It was in 1994 that we finally established the first contact with Moldova and the young Dinca family.

This developed into a strong partnership. Vasile and Ica were supporting the state-run blindness organization at that time while also living in Romania. The partnership was working so well that in 1999 they decided to purchase a house in the south of Moldova, in Cahul. Vasile moved with his entire family to Moldova in February of 2000. Back then, electricity used to only be available for about four hours a day. Even water could only be accessed from 6 AM to 10 AM and from 6 PM to 10 PM.

The distress of locals was immense. Vasile and Ica started to aid blind and visually impaired people.

In addition, we found ourselves supporting a canteen in Cahul. A Swiss family had set it up and was looking for a new manager, as the previous one had returned to Romania.

The work load has grown and is still growing every day. Ica, Vasile and their team are truly diligent and reliable. This enables a relationship with initiative, ready to help people in Switzerland.

Our offers can also be of help to other people in need. Under the rubric, “projects,” these are explained in more detail. From 2008 to 2015 the center “Pro Lumina” was established, which now hosts a canteen as well.

Our next big step constitutes, in addition to the center, a retirement home for approximately 50 residents.